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$15K stolen from Wisconsin newlyweds on wedding night

Posted at 9:56 PM, Aug 22, 2017

A Wisconsin couple's wedding day was tarnished by thieves when the crooks stole $15,000 worth of cash, checks and gift cards from the groom's truck. 

It happened in the town of Mayville on Aug. 19. The groom's parents said the theft happened after the reception as they were loading up the groom's truck with gifts. 

On one of the last trips to the truck, Pam Koll—the groom's mother—said someone snuck in and took the entire basket of cards.

"All of us, we're totally devastated," Koll said. "I didn't work yesterday, I cried off and on all day as did the kids, it's just a terrible, heartbreaking situation." 

Kroll says her son Ryan and his new bride Amber Burtard are off enjoying their honeymoon while she tries to figure out who would steal from them. 

"We know it didn't happen at his home, it had to have taken place in a matter of a minute from the golf course in Mayville," she said.

The newlyweds noticed the basket was missing Sunday morning but said Ryan's truck was locked up in their garage overnight. Kroll says she saw the basket in the truck before they left the venue. 

Mayville police said they are investigating the incident but Kroll says it's not about the money, they really just want the cards back. 

"I'm sure there were special messages written in those cards," she said. "We've been married 37 years, we still have our wedding cards. It's a big part of the wedding ceremony and that day that was taken from our kids."

The Kolls said the surveillance cameras at the golf course don't show the area of the parking lot where the theft happened.