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19 burned bodies found near Mexico-US border town

Mexico Drug War
Posted at 12:02 PM, Jan 25, 2021

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Mexico (AP) — Mexican authorities say they've found 19 shot and burned bodies near a town across the Rio Grande from Texas.

It's an area that has seen violent territorial disputes between organized crime groups in recent years.

The Tamaulipas state prosecutor’s office said late Saturday that the bodies were discovered along a dirt road outside Camargo after residents reported a burning vehicle.

Authorities found two vehicles on fire, one containing four bodies and the other 15.

All had been shot, but shells were not found in the place, leading investigators to believe they were killed somewhere else.

The Associated Press reports that Camargo is a major smuggling transit point for drugs and migrants. It’s near the edge of territory historically controlled by the Gulf cartel, but a remnant of the Zetas has tried to take over in recent years.