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3 boys dead after being hit by car on sidewalk in Nevada

Posted at 12:03 PM, Oct 01, 2017

Three boys were killed after being hit by a car on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Police say the boys were walking on a sidewalk when a car left the road and ran the boys over. The driver then ran away from the scene and was reportedly trying to change his clothing as he ran.

Witnesses say the driver was Hispanic or Asian and was carrying a black backpack as he ran.

Police say the driver may have been speeding and was trying to pass another car when he ran onto the sidewalk.

Another boy, age 13, was badly injured. But, he is expected to survive at this time.

The ages of the boys that were killed were 12, 12 and 15.

Las Vegas police confirmed on Sunday morning that the driver has been taken into custody. They have not released his name or mug shot at this time. 

The Clark County coroner will identify the deceased after relatives have been notified.