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And the newest flavor of M&M's is...

Posted at 6:12 PM, Oct 18, 2016

There aren’t many combinations better than sweet milk chocolate and salty, gooey caramel — but M&M's may have just one-upped it.

M&M announced Tuesday that it will begin selling the iconic, colorful candies with a chewy caramel center beginning in May.

The caramel will be a permanent addition to the M&M lineup, and creates a new “soft and chewy” category of flavors that already include smooth (chocolate), nutty (peanut, peanut butter and almond), and crispy (pretzel).

According to CNN, adding caramel to one of the most popular candies on earth was no easy task. It took years to develop the recipe that kept the candy firm enough to be coated in a candy shell.

“In our research, our fans were enthusiastic at the possibility of a Caramel variant, and we can't wait for them to try the perfect balance of soft caramel and delicious M&M's chocolate this spring," said Tanya Berman, according to Refinery29.



Introducing a new fan favorite. Are you excited for your first taste?

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