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Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump struggle with accurate election dates

Posted at 2:19 PM, Oct 12, 2016

DENVER -- If the country goes out to vote on some of the dates both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have told their supporters, they may not receive many votes at all.

Both campaigns have struggled to give an accurate election day to their followers. For those who still are confused, it's Nov. 8. 

Donald Trump's blunder is the most visual, as he called the election day Nov. 28 in a rally in Florida. 

"Make sure you get out and vote, November 28," Trump said, urging his followers. 

He isn't the only candidate who struggled with the date. — who admittedly doesn't directly edit her website — has had some miscommunication with her staff. 

The Clinton campaign site lists Nov. 9 as the election day on a post about an event in Pueblo, Colorado. 

In the defense of both candidates, the third-party candidate in the race for the White House has also had some troubles when it comes to remembering basic world information. 

Famously, Johnson could not tell a news anchor what Aleppo was when talking about the civil war in Syria. 

For those actually wanting to vote and have it count -- get out and vote on Nov. 8.