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Boy in Ohio chooses pizza from Buffalo over Nintendo Switch for birthday present

Posted at 2:33 PM, Apr 27, 2021

TONAWANDA, NY — Many say Buffalo pizza is second to none.

“We all travel, and when we travel, we miss the pizza. So, we check out the local pizza shop, and then we have it, and we’re like it’s not the same as it is in Buffalo,” explained Franco’s Pizza Marketing Director Walter Smietana.

Heather Getz’s nine-year-old son, Kenly, agrees. But the pizza is hard to come by. After all, Heather and her two sons live six hours away outside of Columbus, Ohio.

Heather is originally from Buffalo and said she brought the boys to Franco’s Pizza on Niagara Falls Boulevard during their trip here for Easter back in April. She said their reaction to the pizza was something she could never have expected.

“Oh, they loved it. They want to go and try some more.”

So much so, it’s at the top of Kenly’s birthday wish list when he turns 10 next month.

“He wanted a Nintendo Switch and to go to Buffalo, and I told him I couldn’t do both,” Heather said.

Kenly chose pizza. Heather decided to tweet about her son’s choice, and her tweet has gone viral.

“Most kids, video games are life. So, I thought it was funny that he didn’t even think of it. Buffalo pizza holds no competition,” she explained.

Franco’s Pizza is among those who saw that now-viral tweet and wanted to do something nice from one pizza lover to another.

“Franco said right away we should get him the Switch. I think it’s fantastic,” Smietana said.

“Thank you,” said Kenly when we told him that the gaming system was on its way.

A kind gesture no matter how you slice it.

Ali Touhey at WKBW first reported this story.