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Chuck E. Cheese Pizza in Florida shut down after more than 130 rodent droppings near food and drinks

Posted at 10:56 PM, Aug 01, 2018

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — If you tried to go to the Chuck E. Cheese with your children in St. Petersburg, Florida last Friday, July 27, you would have found the popular kid's place closed.

Inspectors found more than 130 rodent droppings all over the kitchen inside the restaurant.

Rodent activity was evident after finding dozens of droppings near racks of food, the chest freezer, pizza oven, deli table, drink station, dishwashing area, water heater, hallways, and dry storage room, the state documented.

Inspectors also found rodent rub marks and six holes in the walls and ceilings including near the front counter area and toy storage room. 

All holes were about four to six inches in diameter which might be how the rodents were getting inside the restaurant.

Among the 29 other violations recorded in two days, the state found dead roaches and accumulation of food debris/grease on pizza pans, interior of the keg cooler, on the self-serve drink station, behind the ice chute and soda nozzle areas and iced tea dispenser spigots. There was also no certified food service manager on duty. 

Chuck E. Cheese's restroom toilets were also not working properly, according to the state, with three toilets out of service in both the boys and girls restrooms. 

Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Statement:

"Last Friday health inspectors brought to our attention certain concerns stemming from maintenance issues at an adjacent restaurant. We cooperated completely with their recommendations and immediately implemented aggressive measures to bring the location into full compliance. By 10 a.m. the following day, inspectors cleared and approved the location to reopen. We continue to take this situation very seriously and are working with our landlord and Ecolab to ensure that our restaurant remains clean and safe for the families we serve." 

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