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Dancing cop breaks it down while directing traffic

Posted at 1:21 AM, Aug 03, 2017

Dancing sensation Officer Nicholas Woodson has had the internet buzzing after a video of him dancing was posted on social media. 

"We had a rain storm, and the traffic lights were already up so we wanted to have a little fun with the traffic," says Officer Woodson. 

Fellow Tucson Police Department officers recorded Woodson showing off some impressive dance moves in Saturday afternoon after a storm hit the Eastside. 

"I got caught dancing and being me," says officer Woodson. 

Bringing a smile not only to those driving by but to people all over the world. 

"I got a couple of laughs and smiles," says Woodson.

While showing off his spontaneous dance moves, there wasn't any music in the background, but Officer Woodson says in his mind he was dancing to a Frank Ocean song.

"I can't put you on to the secret playlist, but I had a little song playing in my head."

Woodson's mother and family saw the video all the way in Detroit — where he's originally from. "It was the biggest shock to me."

Woodson says, "Everyone knows me for being a dork and a goofball."

Woodson says he loves being a police officer - a career that has been passed down through generations in his family. 

As the video went viral, many thanked Officer Woodson for putting a smile on their faces.

He says, "stay positive. TPD loves you."