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Dayton community comes together following mass shooting

Posted at 11:52 AM, Aug 05, 2019

Several people are dead after a gunman opened fire near a downtown Dayton, Ohio entertainment district early Sunday morning.

A few hours later, a crowd gathered around the scene of the mass shooting, looking at the bullet holes left behind.

Anthony Hickson heard the gun shots and describes what happened next.

“Everybody started bomb rushing and you knew something bad was going on,” he said. “People running over top of each other, because you could really only get out of one doorway.”

Holding back his tears, Dayton local Christian Stargell said this shooting has shaken this community to its core.

“The past couple of months have been real tough for Dayton, and I think we’ve seen how we can come together and handle it,” he said.

Coming together in this time of need.

“I’m doing this because I love Dayton and I want to do what's best for Dayton,” said Nicole Cornett of BIllie Gold Bubble Tea.

On Sunday afternoon, Cornett parked her food truck a few blocks away from the shooting, saying she’s donating all the money she’s making to victims impacted by this shooting.

“Dayton does nothing but lift you up and support you, and they do that to every business here in town,” she said. “It’s just really upsetting because people now are going to be afraid and they’re going to be afraid to come out.”

This community, however, did not hide in fear. Rather, it filled the streets where this shooting happened.

Hundreds of people came out Sunday night showing support during a candle light vigil saying Dayton can remember those who lost their lives and eventually survive this tragedy.