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Detroit mother: Lawyer fell asleep during trial of people accused of killing her sons

Posted at 10:51 PM, Nov 27, 2017

A Detroit mother’s heart continues to ache after a mistrial was declared in the early stages for the people accused of killing her sons.

Leda Watts said she understands why the judge declared a mistrial, but said what happened in the courtroom is disrespectful to her and the case. 

"I think I had dropped my head, because I was so disappointed. They declared a mistrial in the case because the defense attorney fell asleep during the court proceedings," said Watts.

A day before Thanksgiving, the jury trial wasn't even a week old when the judge made the decision.

"When an attorney falls asleep during court proceedings, it doesn't look good and they could have very well missed something important," said Watts.

However, Leda said she understands why the judge made the decision.

"The judge, I think that she’s fair, and that I think she’s going to do what’s right to make sure it is a fair trial," said Watts.

Watts’ two sons, 28-year-old Louis Phillips and 24-year-old Alex Stewart were shot and killed in front of a home on April 9.

"It’s just like living everything all over again, going through the process," said Watts.

Two brothers and loving fathers taken too soon, at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"I want to be able to have some type of closure to move forward and just love on my grandchildren that I have left from them," said Watts.

A painting of her sons now sits on top of her fire place. A memory of two lives, that had so much to live for.

"I miss them and if I could go back and change time I would," said Watts. 

Since the mistrial was declared on November 22, a new pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for November 28.