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Detroit bar's 'Dwarf Toss' event enrages many

Posted at 12:43 PM, Jan 29, 2016

While driving down Ford Rd in Detroit, drivers might do a double take when they see a sign posted outside of the Toy Chest strip club that reads “Dwarf Toss Returns.”

The topless bar plans to hold a contest where people throw a little person up against a soft, Velcro wall.

It is enraging thousands of people including The Little People of America.

“As the Little People of America community, we have worked so hard for such a long time making sure little people aren’t treated as objects, that we are people first, little second and this dwarf tossing objectifies. It makes little people objects,” Denise Wood, head of the Motor City Chapter said.

A petition circulating to end these type of games already has more than 3,000 signatures.

7 Action News tried to contact the Toy Chest owner, who apparently will hold a similar contest at his Windsor strip club over the weekend.

He has not returned our calls, but a member of Little People of America say they do not understand how others can find this event amusing.

“What’s the point of tossing a person. There are lots of things that can be tossed and it doesn’t have to be a person. Why can’t they throw themselves against a Velcro wall,” Wood said. “So if you want to throw something against the wall, great. Throw yourself.”

A protest will take place outside of the strip club Friday when the event is scheduled to happen.

Dwarf tossing contests are already banned in some states.

*Correction: The above video mentions the Toy Chest being in Dearborn. It is located in Detroit.