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Employee stabbed Trump-supporting boss to death, placed flag next to his body, Florida police say

Posted at 8:49 AM, Jan 22, 2020

Deputies in Florida say a worker fatally stabbed his Trump-supporting boss at a highway construction site and placed an American flag next to the body after they got into an argument.

Mason Toney was charged with first-degree murder for the killing of William Knight on Monday.

Co-workers told investigators with the Orange County Sheriff's Office that Toney and Knight were friends despite their political differences.

The arrest affidavit says co-workers described Knight as “pro-Donald Trump," while co-workers described Toney as “anti-government."

An arrest affidavit says Toney jumped in a truck and took off after the stabbing. He was apprehended several hours later.

According to the Associated Press, workers at the Orlando-area construction site told police that Knight picked up Toney for work. They were driving to different job sites, and when they arrived at the Florida Turnpike site, workers hear Knight yell for help. The also said they saw Toney stab Knight with a trowel.

Toney then drove away, calling his co-workers terrorists. They found an American flag next to Knight's body.