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Ex-Disney employee accused of stealing $14K worth of costumes from Walt Disney World

Posted at 3:51 PM, Oct 25, 2019

A Florida man is accused of stealing $14,000 dollars’ worth of Disney costumers of a two-year period.

When Patrick Spikes was brought in by law enforcement for questioning, he didn’t want investigators to see his cellphone. The reason why? According to detectives, the smartphone he didn’t want to give up was used to take pictures of costumes and props they say he stole from Walt Disney World.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says Spikes is a former Disney employee. He used his ID badge to get behind-the-scenes access to the park. Then, he’d take backstage photos he would upload to his Twitter account called “Back Door Disney.”

Back in 2018, Disney reported an animatronic stole from Epcot. It later discovered costumes missing from the haunted mansion and other attractions. Deputies say Spikes and his cousin, Blaytin Taunton, stole the items and they have the pictures to prove it. Taunton even created a fake name and ID, deputies claim.