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Florida-based travel agency fails to make vacation payments; travelers' trips canceled

Posted at 11:46 PM, Oct 26, 2017

Where did their money go?

That’s what a Port St. Lucie, Florida couple wants to know.

Judy Go and her husband are out nearly $7,000 they paid to a travel agency, Legendary Journeys, only to have their trip cancelled this week.

The company is based out of Sarasota.

The Go's have been planning their trip for more than a year to fly to Italy, tour the country, then cruise to Miami.

They are seasoned travelers, and have never experienced a cancellation like this.

“We’ve been traveling for a long time," she said. "Since I retired we’ve been traveling several times a year.”
Just as their excitement was building, with their trip only a few weeks away, they opened their email to find a message from their cruise line.

“Lengendary Journeys failed to make the required cruise fare payments to MSC cruises, and this reservation has been cancelled for non-payment,” the email read.
“I couldn’t believe it,” Go said.

They made their payments in full to Legendary Journeys months ago, they said.

They expected the agency gave the money to the cruise line and additional activities they booked in Italy.

“They said that the travel agent didn’t pay,” Go said.

They were also shocked since they have successfully booked trips through Legendary Journeys in the past.

The Go's say they’ve tried to contact the company several times by phone.
“No one’s answering,” Go said.

They did receive an email where a company representative listed reasons why the company is financially struggling.

Those reasons were also listed on a Facebook page for Al Ferguson, listed as a Vice President of the company.

On the post, he explains he is no longer providing travel services because of significant cancellations in their top travel program in Cuba, citing political impacts.

He also says hurricane season hurt their bookings as well as fear surrounding terrorism.

Additionally, Ferguson posted that employee theft has been a concern that has prompted the travel agency to take legal action.

West Palm-based WPTV reached out to the company for a comment, but it has not responded.

“It’s excuses. And it doesn’t answer the question, where’s the money?” Go said.

Ferguson’s post says the agency plans to reimburse all customers in full by the end of the year.

The Go's are going to hold the company to it.
“If you can refund us, why aren’t they refunding us today? Or if they have the money to refund us, why didn’t they pay the bill so we can go on the trip?”
The Go’s said they have been reimbursed about $1,000 for the portion of the trip they paid for with a credit card. The other $6,000 was paid through a check. Go says the company offered discounted rates for payment through a check.

The Go’s said they also purchased travel insurance, but the policy didn’t cover an agency closing.

Travel experts recommend always paying with a credit card. They also say you can check with your travel agency to make sure they are not the ones cashing your money. Instead, the agency should be giving the money to the cruise line, hotel or resort you are booking.

In your bank account, it should read that those entities are the ones processing your payment, not the travel agency.