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Friday is Global Cat Day, a day dedicated to saving felines

Posted at 12:52 PM, Oct 16, 2020

Friday, Oct. 16 has been dubbed Global Cat Day, a day dedicated to saving cats and kittens from being killed.

This comes at a time when many longstanding threats to felines have the potential to race forward, according to Alley Cat Allies.

The organization dedicated to protecting cats says local shelters have seen an increase in impoundments as the pandemic continues to hit families financially, leaving them unable to care for their beloved animals.

"Too often, our disconnect from society during the pandemic is allowing dangerous animal control and shelter policies to advance unchecked in our communities,” said the organization’s president, Becky Robin son. “Global Cat Day is a reminder that the international movement to protect cats can never stop, even when so much of the world does."

In addition to families turning over their felines, the organization says less cats are being spayed or neutered due to many veterinary clinics operating at reduced capacity.

Robinson said these developments will impact cats for years to come.

“Global Cat Day 2020 is a day to commit to do everything we can to make sure cats get the care they need during the pandemic, and to rebuild the capacity of care including Trap-Neuter-Return and other important programs as soon as possible," said Robinson.

Alley Cat Allies is encouraging people to take a pledge on, declaring that all cats have the right to live their lives, that humane and nonlethal programs are the best approach for cat populations, and that action is required so that no more cats' lives are lost.

Supporters can also engage with the #GlobalCatDay hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.