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Google announces its top searches for 2016

Google announces its top searches for 2016
Posted at 11:37 AM, Dec 25, 2016

If you think Americans were most interested in the election or the Olympics in 2016, you would be mistaken. It turns out the most-searched query on Google's search engine in 2016 was for Powerball. 

The multi-state lottery that had a record-breaking jackpot in January topped Google's most searched list for 2016 in the United States. It was followed by Prince, Hurricane Matthew, Pokemon Go and Slither.Io.

Pokemon Go topped the list of worldwide searches.


As far as who were the most searched people of 2016, presidential candidates dominated the list. Donald Trump topped the list, ahead of Hillary Clinton, Michael Phelps, Bernie Sanders and Steven Avery. 


As far as who is most popular in Hollywood, Brad Pitt was the most searched actor, while Megan Markle was the most searched actress. Markle, a cast member on USA Network's show "Suits," announced she is dating Prince Henry back in November. 

Upon Markle's announcement, her popularity jumped on Google. 


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