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Historic church's congregation meets at Wisconsin college after building burned in large fire

Posted at 6:17 PM, May 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 08:02:15-04

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church looks to move forward as the investigation continues into what caused the church to catch fire.

On Sunday, their temporary place of worship was right across the street from the church right in the Milwaukee Area Technical College auditorium. This was their first church service since Tuesday afternoon's massive fire that destroyed their historic church.

"We're all reminding each other, the church is God's people. We're going to miss the bricks and the mortar; we're going to mourn it. God will guide, God will provide. We need to look forward and we're doing that," said Christine Behnke, the Director of Parish Education

Photos: Damage Inside Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church After Fire

Mayor Tom Barrett even came to show support.

"The fact that Trinity has moved its services over here to the Milwaukee Area Technical College tells you that this is a congregation that's not going to be deterred by the loss of that beautiful church," Barrett said.

As they continue to move forward, members say they'll stay positive as they know the end result will be good. They're hoping to return home once again, no matter what.

"We will rebuild on that corner one way or the other, with the old or all new," Behnke said.

During Sunday’s service, it was announced that for the next six weeks Trinity Lutheran will continue having their services at Saint James Church on Wisconsin Avenue.