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How to cut down your bill at the dentist

Posted at 5:07 PM, Oct 23, 2017

Going to the dentist can be a pain in the mouth and a pain in the wallet. After speaking with a dentist, we have some advice to save you money.

Dr. Noah Ariola-Triella says, the most common reason why people avoid the dentist is because their bills are too high.

“A simple $100 filling that’s been delayed for 12 to 18 months quickly can skyrocket into a root canal and crown and cost more than $3,000 to repair.”

If you want to save hundreds of dollars, Dr. Ariola-Triella says it’s imperative to get your teeth regularly cleaned. A cost-saving approach to get your teeth cleaned is visiting a dental school.

Dr. Ariola-Triella says, “every state is different but in a lot of states there are students needing patients and so they are enticing people to come in the schools. They have a reduced fee schedule and that way you can get your care and the students get to learn. All the treatments are seen by licensed dentists. It’s not substandard care in any way.”

For those who don’t have insurance, a way to save big is telling your dentist you pay out of pocket.

Dr. Ariola-Triella says, “with insurance companies we wait weeks and weeks to get paid. So often they will accommodate you and your cleaning and your checkup can easily be under $200, or $150 or even $100.”

Dr. Ariola-Triella says to ask your dentist about coupons. “Many offices have coupons and new patient specials where it’s as little as $39 for an exam x-ray and cleaning and you can’t argue with that, and it’s a great way to get yourself figured out and stay on track.”

When it comes down to saving money and having great health, Dr. Ariola-Triella says, your health starts and ends at home. Brush your teeth and floss twice a day and it should help keep the doctor away.