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Is sharing your salary with co-workers a good idea?

Posted at 11:20 AM, Aug 03, 2018

Discussing your salary with co-workers is seen as a taboo subject, but now some people are saying you should be talking openly about how much you make. 

"I think salaries in the work place have been taboo to talk about for years, and I think that's created a number of problems," says Marcus Ollig, president of the recruiting firm The Advocates

Ollig has been managing employees for years and believes transparency is important. However, he says, sharing your salary with co-workers is not the way to go about it. 

"You may hear that you are actually paid more than the person you're talking to, and now they ask you the question back, and now, you might not want to share because you don't want to make them feel bad," explains Ollig. 

Many people we spoke with say they want open dialogue and feel it's healthy in the workplace. However, Ollig says the real question you should find out is are you being paid what you're worth?

Instead of going to your co-worker, Ollig recommends going to your boss. They are the only person who can tell you your worth in the company, Ollig says.

But before you do, first do some research. Go to online sites like Glassdoor, Pay Scale and The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those sites will show you the average pay range of someone in your position. 

"Speak to a really legitimate recruiter or temporary staffing agency, depending on what you do, because they have data on every job that they service," suggests Ollig. 

Once you're equipped with the knowledge, then it's time to speak to your boss.

"If your employer says, 'You are doing great, but there is no way I can get you from x to y,' then maybe talk about different positions, if you like the company" Ollig says. "And if that's not a possibility, maybe it's time to move on."