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Kevin Spacey's brother speaks exclusively about growing up in an abusive family

Posted at 11:00 PM, Oct 30, 2017

Allegations have been made against Kevin Spacey by a then 14-year-old male actor, from over 30 years ago. But this one hits close to home for an Idaho man who knows the dark past of the famous actor. 

Randy Fowler said this about his relationship with his brother. “I don't have a relationship with Kevin Spacey, I had a relationship with Kevin Fowler”.

You may know Fowler as the happy-go-lucky “Rod Stewart” look alike, but there's much more to Fowler that meets the eye. You see Randy as the older brother, tried to protect his younger brother, Kevin, from their abusive father.

“I saved my brother from the torture I went through because I loved him, I intervened and stepped in his place, I can't even tell you how many times."

Not only was today's news shocking, Spacey also took the opportunity to announce publicly that he is a gay man. Not a surprise to Randy. 

“Him coming out of the closet, I've known for years. What's the big deal? nobody cares.” 

But it has drawn harsh criticism for the timing of the announcement.

Now Randy has a new book, titled, “A Moment in Time, Living in the Shadows.” Randy hopes he can get it on store shelves soon. 

“It's ironic my book deals with child abuse, it deals with a young man, a father who abuses his children, turns out my brother was doing the same thing," he said.

Randy hopes his experiences will inspire others to come forward and break the chains of silence.