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Man caring for cat he rescued during Hurricane Ian

Posted at 1:00 PM, Oct 03, 2022

Mike Ross risked his own life to save a cat as Hurricane Ian battered Southwest Florida.

A video posted online shows Ross wading through the storm surge to get to the cat, which was perched atop an air conditioner near Bonita Beach.

The cat appeared to cling onto Ross as he carried it inside.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Ross said the cat "looks healthy" and will be staying with his family for the foreseeable future or until they find its owners.

Ross's girlfriend posted a video on Monday of the cat, which they renamed "Storm."

"It’s clear from her stealth mode behavior she is still very scared/traumatized, but she’s starting to come around," she said.

Ross told The Post that he has lived in Florida his entire life and Hurricane Ian caused the most destruction he's seen.

He added that his house was badly damaged in the storm.