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Man says he received ticket for honking at St. Louis officer

Posted at 12:38 PM, Nov 08, 2017

The St. Louis Police Department is investigating one of their own after he issued a ticket to a man who honked at him.

According to an interview in the Riverfront Times, Scott Smith was on his way back to work when he honked at a car stopped at a green light. Video shot by the driver and given to the RFT shows a very tense interaction.

The car was an unmarked police car. When pulled over, Smith says "seriously?"

The officer than replies "Seriously, is your horn stuck?" to which Smith replies "Is your brake stuck?"

That's when the officer cusses at the driver asking again "Is your f-ing horn stuck?"

He demands to see his driver's license.

Smith says he will, but asks for what.

"I'll tell you what, you can either show your driver's license or you'll get a ticket and I'll tow your car and lock you up," said the officer.

Once again Smith asks why he's been pulled over and the officer says it is for a traffic violation.

"For honking at someone who's stopped at a green light?" Smith asks. He then calls the situation "f-ing ridiculous." "Well you know what? Maybe you shouldn't be a f-ing a-hole," the officer responds.

The officer issued the driver a ticket, but the city counselor's office reportedly will not prosecute it, saying they do not believe it should be pursued.

"The Department has launched an Internal Affairs investigation into the incident you are inquiring about. At this point, it would be premature for the Department to comment on an ongoing investigation before it concludes," a St. Louis Police spokesperson said.