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New Asian American bakeries find bicultural sweet spot

Asian American Bakeries
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OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — From ube cakes to mochi muffins, bakeries that sweetly encapsulate what it is to grow up Asian and American have been popping up more in recent years.

Their confections are a delectable vehicle for young and intrepid Asian Americans to celebrate their dual identity.

Ingredients they found embarrassing as children are being combined with European or traditional American pastries into something new.

Treats like dim sum cookies and mochi muffins aren't going to be found in any bakery in Asia.

One of their signature items is the mochi muffin, which was influenced by Sam Butarbutar’s Indonesian roots and ingredients include California-grown mochiko rice flour, the Associated Press reported.

Some of the bakers see their stores as a way to dispel culinary and societal misconceptions — especially in a time of rising ant-Asian hate crimes.

According to the AP, they have two locations in Colorado and have plans to expand to San Francisco.