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Ohio man found with cache of weapons accused of threatening federal agents

Posted at 4:13 PM, Aug 13, 2019

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - An 18-year-old Ohio man, Justin Olsen, was arrested after being accused of threatening federal agents and having a cache of weapons found in his home.

A court complaint states the investigation began when FBI agents in Anchorage, Alaska were researching the website “iFunny” in February of this year and saw the postings by a user named “ArmyOfChrist” supporting mass shootings and the targeting of Planned Parenthood. In June, the same user, while discussing the 1993 siege in Waco, Texas with another user, posted: “In conclusion, shoot every federal agent on sight.”

In March, the FBI subpoenaed iFunny for subscriber information about ArmyOfChrist, and they returned a Google email address. In July, the FBI subpoenaed Google for information on the associated email address. Google provided Olsen’s name and IP address, which was determined to be located in Boardman, Ohio.

Court documents say Olsen told the FBI during his arrest that the comments were only a joke. He admitted to making the comments on the internet regarding shooting federal agents on sight, and stated, “that’s a hyperbolic conclusion based on the results of the Waco siege…where the ATF slaughtered families.”

According to the complaint, agents seized 15 rifles, 10 semi-automatic pistols and roughly 10,000 rounds of ammunition from the home where Olsen lives with his father during the arrest. They also found a large machete in the trunk of Olsen’s car.

This article was originally published by WEWS .