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Ohio woman gives birth in car on way to hospital

Posted at 4:45 PM, Mar 30, 2018

MILFORD, Ohio -- Tiffany Stone had a feeling she wasn't going to make it to the hospital when she started going into labor with her daughter, Ember Ray. 

"I knew it was moving really fast, and that's when I really started feeling pressure like she was getting close, and I just so happened to have her on the road," Stone said. 

Stone and her husband, Patrick Stone, welcomed their third child into the world Friday morning in a parking lot in Milford, Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati.

"We hit a curve, and it was like she was born," Tiffany Stone said. 

"And right in the middle of that turn, she had the baby, caught the baby, and I looked over and almost wrecked because I couldn't believe the baby was in her arm," Patrick Stone said.

He called 911, and Miami Township Fire and Police came out to assist the family and take the family to Anderson Mercy Hospital.

"I don't think it really becomes real until you actually see the baby," Tiffany Stone said. "I mean, you go through all the motions and pregnancy sickness, but once the baby is actually on you and on your chest, it's the most incredible, it's just a beautiful miracle. It's the most beautiful thing."

Ember was born a healthy 6.5 lbs. girl. 

"She was born on Good Friday, and you know, it's a really good, happy day today," Tiffany Stone said.