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Online shopping can lead to a cluttered home; easy tips to organize

Posted at 2:25 PM, Aug 31, 2018

Getting a package delivered to your home has become a ritual for most Americans, and with the convenience of online shopping, those packages may be coming very frequently. A recent headline went as far to say online shopping is turning Americans into hoarders.

Meghan Siddall, with Streamlined Living Colorado says, online shopping has made it easier for people to buy more than they need; in return, that can make a cluttered house.   

"You want to set yourself up for success to declutter, because like you said before, some people are so overwhelmed they don't know where to start," Siddall says.  

To help yourself declutter, Siddall suggests starting with a junk drawer. If you can start with organizing that, you can move onto bigger messes.

Siddall suggests not purchasing new containers to help organize.

"If you declutter first, and then see what you have left to organize, then buy those products that you want, like the containers, boxes and cute bins."  

Siddall also recommends creating a space in your home where you can put items you wish to donate, whether it’s a bag or box you can tuck in your closet.  

According to storage company SpareFoot, 51 percent of Americans admit they have a cluttered home. That's why Siddall is a big advocate on getting organized with online purchases.   

"It can lead to anxiety, depression and have a hard time focusing,” explains Siddall. “And having a cluttered bedroom can absolutely effect your sleep in a negative way."