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Oreo may release mystery flavor with $50,000 prize for person who guesses what it is

Posted at 10:13 AM, Aug 31, 2017

We've seen watermelon, banana split and those horrifying Swedish Fish-flavored Oreo cookies, but Nabisco may have another trick up its sleeves.

Foodie expert blog The Junk Food Aisle recently posted a photo of the "Mystery Oreo," saying "no specific word on where or when (it'll debut), but my guess is soonish." 

Dozens of flavors already fill grocery store snack aisles, but the cookie company may soon be rolling out this mystery flavor to tempt snackers with a $50,000 prize. A banner atop the packaging promises the hefty prize to a lucky winner who accurately guesses the creamy center's flavor.

Instagram users were quick to suggest what flavor it may be despite lack of official confirmation from Nabisco that the photo is even real and despite the product's current unavailability. 

"When Oreo news leaks, sometimes it’s real and sometimes it’s fake. This time, it’s a mystery! We promise we’ll reach out to you again to help us solve this mystery … when the time is right," an Oreo rep told The Today Show.