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Protect your Cyber Monday orders from thieves

Posted at 4:47 PM, Nov 27, 2016

Cyber Monday is one of the busiest online shopping days of the year, but you may want to think twice before you choose where you are sending your packages.

About a month ago, Kansas City resident Julian Dillard had a package stolen from his doorstep. He caught the crime on his home surveillance system, which he now uses to make sure his packages are delivered safely.

"Any packages that I know are coming or that my wife knows are coming that we you know we watch around about time when the post survive comes because we are typically at work,” said Dillard.

Most delivery services will let you request a signature be given during the package drop off to ensure you are home and get the package safely. Dillard say he requests his packages be dropped off behind his house.

"You can definitely you know reach out and communicate to those companies to make sure that your package stays there until you get it,” Said Dillard.

You can also request packages be dropped off at the location of the delivery service, guaranteeing the package is kept safe. Or have the package dropped off at your work.

Police in Mission, Kan. warned us of the issue after a package was stolen off a man’s doorstep and he caught it on surveillance video. The thief was eventually caught.

"I thought since it did happen it was a good time to raise people’s awareness and get people thinking along those line for the holidays because we generally do see an uptick in this type of crime during the holiday season,” said Captain Dan Madden with Mission Police.

Dillard got his package back after the young man’s mother made him return it, however Dillard says he will be keeping an eye out.

"People pray on that sort of thing at this particular time of year because that's when packages are just out on the front porch,” said Dillard.



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