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Florida restaurant lashes out at customer after bad review online

Posted at 10:56 PM, Oct 11, 2017

A customer wrote a review about a poor experience at a restaurant in Captiva, Florida. Tyler Watts slammed the food, service and the decor at the Green Flash.

“The food was not good, the service wasn’t that good, but we left the review like I do with every restaurant I go to,” said Tyler Watts, when he reflected on his first dine in experience on the island.

The Green Flash responded to the review. Watts was a little surprised with the answer he received.

“It’s a really good restaurant and that they didn’t know what I was talking about and for me to get a life,” said Watts.

However, Green Flash didn’t stop there. They also responded with a picture of one of Watts’s friend's Facebook pages.

“This is the kind person you hang out with, this is the kind of restaurant you work at so you really don’t have a say on what good food is,” said Watts.

“This guy really got to me,” said Sandra Beri, an employee for the restaurant who responded to the review.

She helps run the restaurant with her husband. Beri was frustrated.  She says Watts and the rest of his dinner party didn’t complain in person.

“No one said anything to the manager on the way out the door, they had no idea people were this unhappy,” said Beri.

Watt’s friends and other people who saw his post with the screenshots and jumped into the comments section.

“There were threats in there and false accusations and it made me shake because I was so upset when I read all of this,” she added.

Both sides said they learned some lessons.

“Had we made a complaint there, maybe something would’ve happened and I wouldn’t have wrote the review,” said Watts.

Beri says in the future she would handle online critiques better.

“I made a mistake, I’m willing to admit that, I shouldn’t have reacted that way at all, I was mad,” said Beri.