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Rough conditions draw photographers out as giant waves hit Lake Michigan lighthouses

Stormy conditions caused rough waters on the massive lake, making appear as if it were an ocean
Lake Michigan lighthouse waves
Posted at 10:30 PM, Oct 18, 2022

Photographers headed out to Lake Michigan this week to capture intense waves caused by high winds that were beating up against the lake's multiple lighthouses.

A wind storm this week produced waves on the lake as high as 19 feet. Waves and wind like that don't usually come until November, so the early season high winds came before daylight savings time brought early darkness. That allowed photographers more of a chance to see the ways during daylight hours.

Officials have urged visitors to stay off of piers and watch the waves on the shore from a safe distance.

Lake Michigan has 102 lighthouses that can be found in each of the states bordering the lake.

Lighthouses are usually located at a critical or dangerous area where boats travel so captains can tell how far they are from a shoreline or a rocky area that could cause damage to a watercraft.

Lake Michigan is 118 miles at its widest point and 301 miles long. It is the third-largest of the Great Lakes by surface area.

The lake still continues to be a majorshippingroute for freighters moving to and from the midwest.