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SunnyD Vodka Seltzer: A childhood favorite grows up

Posted at 5:54 PM, Mar 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-07 17:54:57-05

(KGTV) – SunnyD, a drink considered a favorite of many who grew up in the 1980s and 90s, is releasing a version of the beverage that’s specifically made for adults.

Starting March 11, the new SunnyD Vodka Seltzer will be available in a four-pack at some Walmart stores.

SunnyD’s entry into the hard seltzer market takes the unique orange flavor many of us loved as children and adds a definitive grown-up twist.

Ilene Bergenfeld, the Chief Marketing Officer of SunnyD’s parent company, Harvest Hill Beverage Company, said, "SunnyD is a powerful brand, the most boldly unique orange drink on the planet. Consumers are passionate about this iconic brand, rooted in nostalgia but with a taste that resonates today. Many have told us that they enjoy SunnyD as a mixer and asked for this product. So, we looked at the hard seltzer category, and thought, good, but we can do better. And SunnyD Vodka Seltzer was born."

A quick description of what’s coming to Walmart stores: “Available in a 4-PK of 12oz Slim Cans, each can brings a bold orange flavor and is 4.5% ABV, 95 calories and made with real fruit juice, and includes zero grams of sugar. Single 12oz cans are also available to purchase.”

"We have developed something we know adult SunnyD fans and hard seltzer enthusiasts alike will be proud to enjoy," Bergenfeld stated. "We look forward to hearing what they think and, based on what we've heard so far, we think SunnyD Vodka Seltzer may be the best news ever."