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Surfer survives shark attack off coast of Northern California

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Posted at 1:36 PM, Oct 10, 2022

Jared Trainor is recovering after a shark attacked him while surfing at a beach in Northern California.

Trainor told the Times-Standardnewspaper that he paddled past the first set of waves on Oct. 1 and was sitting on his board with his legs dangling when the shark attacked.

The 31-year-old surfer said he was immediately pulled underwater.

“I don’t remember the initial contact,” Trainor told the Times-Standard. “It kind of happened so quickly.”

Trainor said he somehow landed back on his board during the attack. He said he didn't know it was a shark at the time, but he fought back by kicking it in the head.

Trainor was eventually able to break free and paddle back to the shore where another surfer witnessed the attack. An ambulance was called and Trainor was rushed into surgery with a 19-inch wound, the size of the shark's mouth.

Trainor is expected to make a full recovery. He told the Times-Standard that the incident won't stop him from surfing, but he will try not to go alone.

“I probably will think twice before surfing by myself,” he said. “Some of these locations that have a little bit more sea life are more remote.”

The International Shark File tracks shark attacks. It reports that there are between 70-100 shark attacks every year, resulting in about five deaths.