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Teacher let 15-year-old sell LSD, allowed teens to use it in her home

Posted at 1:10 PM, Aug 16, 2017

LEBANON, Ohio – An elementary school teacher from Springboro, Ohio knew a 15-year-old living in her house sold LSD to 20-30 teens out of her house, a prosecutor said.

Amy Panzeca, a fifth-grade teacher at Five Points Elementary, walked into a courtroom in a yellow jail jump suit and shackles Tuesday – two days before classes resume. Panzeca is charged with permitting drug abuse and child endangering.

"She was aware of the trafficking of LSD that was occurring at the residence and she was also aware that there were juvenile students that were coming over to the residence and actually using LSD at that residence," said Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell.

Panzeca pleaded not guilty. She was arrested Monday after a Warren County Drug Task Force raid at her home a couple of months ago

"Examination of her cell phone corroborated what the witnesses were telling us, which was that she was aware of drug trafficking activity as well as aware of the fact that LSD was being used by juveniles at that residence," Fornshell said.

"This is not kids or a group of kids sitting in the basement smoking weed. This is using acid in the basement of the house and other areas of the house,” Fornshell said. “Based on the reports that we have received as well as the investigation that we've done, we believe there were somewhere between 20-30 juveniles who were being trafficked LSD by this particular juvenile.” 

Panzeca was released on her own recognizance, but she will not be teaching this fall. She is currently on paid administrative leave.

Fornshell said more charges are coming for the teenagers involved.