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Terminally ill mom who went to prom with daughter dies

Posted at 12:25 PM, Oct 31, 2017

The Cheektowaga, New York mother whose battle with breast cancer captured the hearts of many Western New Yorkers has died.


Libby Gaymon, 43, passed away Tuesday. She had faced breast cancer twice in less than two years.

In May, Libby's daughter Alexis asked her mom to be her date to the senior prom at McKinley High School in Buffalo. The surprise promposal was a well-coordinated effort between Alexis, her family and McKinley administrators. Alexis wanted to bring her mother because Libby didn't get to go to the prom when she was in school.

On prom night, dozens of supporters of Libby packed the Gaymons' front lawn, some spilling onto the sidewalk and neighboring lawns to cheer on the mother-daughter duo.

McKinley High School donated a limousine, while other community members offered free wig services, makeup application and corsage supply to make the night even more special.

Most recently, Gaymon tried an experimental immunotherapy treatment at Roswell Park. Immunotherapy helps the body’s immune system attack cancer cells. It is still being studied nationwide to see if it can play a role in treating metastatic breast cancer.  


Her message she shared with Buffalo-based WKBW anchor Ashley Rowe in September was clear: slow down and take time to appreciate the world around you, or else you’ll miss everything.

“You’re walking down the street on the phone, either you’re on the phone or you’re texting and you’re not even seeing your surroundings," Libby said. "You’re not seeing if you walk past flowers, or if you walk past somebody smiling back at you, but you’re too busy on your phone.  You guys are letting life pass you by.”