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Top trendy gift ideas for teens this holiday season

Present ideas for all budgets
Finding trendy last-minute gifts for teens
Posted at 3:48 PM, Dec 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-19 15:48:28-05

If you're shopping for a teenager, you might be drawing a blank. To solve that dilemma, we're looking at the top gift ideas to help you win on Christmas morning without going over budget.

Taylor Kuether is an editor for Simplemost Media and She says it's a good idea to ask yourself some questions before you shop. "When you're considering what gift to buy them, you're going to want to think about their interests," Kuether said.

"What do they like to do in their free time? Tailor their gift to that."
Taylor Kuether

To give you some ideas, Kuether's team put together lists of some of the trendiest gift ideas for teens this year. Tech options dominated both the girland boy lists, making cool gadgets a good option for gifting this year.

Next, if your teen is into personalizing their space, consider decorations for their room. "There's also color changing string lights that appear on both of our list roundups for boys and for girls," Kuether said.

For teen girls, she says beauty products are especially popular this holiday season, along with crystals and astrology-themed gifts.

If you're on the fence, Kuether says you can't go wrong with an instant or film camera. "Kids are getting analog," Kuether said. "They are like, 'we're done with the digital. We want a physical image we can hold.'"

Finally, if you get stuck or run out of time, you always have a solid backup option. "You can be confident about buying and giving a gift card," Kuether said. "People want to receive them. So that's always a safe choice."