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TSA offers tips to consider when flying on Halloween

TSA offers tips to consider when flying on Halloween
Posted at 5:02 PM, Oct 28, 2020

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is offering up several tips to help travelers avoid a nightmare at the security checkpoint during the week of Halloween at the airport.

TSA said when it comes to masks, they ask that you refrain from wearing a Halloween mask until after you made it through the checkpoint screening. They ask that you wear a face-covering that's used to help stop the spread of COVID-19. TSA officers will ask you to remove your mask, temporarily, just so they can verify your identity at the travel document checking podium.

When it comes to wearing a costume, TSA recommends you wear it after you go through the checkpoint because it could trigger an alarm, which would lead to you getting patted down.

TSA also recommends that you put "realistic replica props" like pitchforks, chainsaws, brooms, or axes in your checked bag. They added that if you do put weapon-like props, like a bomb or grenade, into either your checked bag or carry-on, you run the risk of slowing down checkpoint until it's proven they are in fact fake or your checked bag not making it onto your flight.

For the final tip, TSA said you are fine packing as much candy or treats you want in your checked bag or carry-on.

To see what you can or cannot put in your checked bag or carry-on, you can get more answers on the TSA app to access their "Can I Bring?" feature to find out if it's something you should pack or not.