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Virgin Hyperloop details how it will connect cities with pods going 670 mph

Hyperloop Test
Posted at 6:54 PM, Aug 23, 2021

Virgin Hyperloop released a video Monday that lays out its vision for transportation.

The video claims pods will be able to glide at 670 miles per hour inside tubes that can connect cities across the country.

"The key to our product is guiding by a design that is elegant through its simplicity, future-proof due to its modularity, and guided by the principles of this century, not the last," the video states.

The CEO of Virgin Hyperloop, Josh Giegel, told Bloomberg that funding for the project was included in the senate's infrastructure bill.

He boasted about the energy efficiency of the hyperloop. He added that it could cost people less than they pay for gas to ride in a hyperloop pod.

Giegel claims that this is the "decade" of the hyperloop. He expects passengers to start riding in hyperloops by 2030.