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VP Mike Pence says Space Force will be sixth military branch by 2020

Posted at 11:50 AM, Aug 09, 2018

Vice President Mike Pence is at the Pentagon today to discuss the future of the US military in space, including the proposed Space Force.

He said the sixth branch of the military will be in place by 2020.

The report on space and the US military was delayed and not unveiled on Aug. 1 as originally anticipated. A US defense official previously said the report's delay was due to minor tweaks and revisions that were still ongoing.

On Tuesday, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis told reporters the Pentagon was still "working our way through this" despite an earlier leaked proposal that said the Pentagon planned to elevate Space Command to a major Combatant Command.

Mattis said he "absolutely" supported the move and that such an elevation was "certainly one thing that we can establish."

Asked if such a move fell short of Trump's call for a separate military service, Mattis said the department was "in complete agreement" with the President and his concern for space, saying Pence was "the point man" on this issue.