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Woman falls near urgent care clinic and is told to wait outside for ambulance as strangers help

Posted at 6:08 PM, Oct 23, 2017

Debbie Brewer fell down in the parking lot a few businesses down from Suncoast Urgent Care Clinic in Spring Hill, Florida but instead of doctors and nurses rushing to help... Brewer says she waited outside bleeding profusely as strangers held paper towels to a gash in her leg while she waited for an ambulance. 

A representative from Suncoast Urgent Care said there were several reasons why staff did not come out to help Brewer.

Those reason were: the lobby was full of patients and staff could not see Brewer from the windows of the lobby; there was only one doctor working and all the back rooms were full of patients; they had confirmed that 911 had already been called; and they confirmed with a doctor that it was in Brewer's best interest to wait for the ambulance. 

Brewer says regardless she’s thankful that so many others rushed to her side. "I just can’t say enough that there are good people out there. There really are and you don’t have to need to find them because God puts them in your path."