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Woman steals credit card from man having seizure

Woman steals credit card from man having seizure
Posted at 4:03 PM, Oct 15, 2017

A Utah woman is being accused of robbing a convenience store customer who was in the midst of having a seizure, KSTU-TV reported

The incident took place on October 4 in Midvale, Utah. The woman allegedly took the man's credit card as he was on the floor of a 7-Eleven suffering from a seizure. On Friday, police released footage of the incident. 

Police told KSTU that the woman grabbed the man's wallet, and removed the credit card before walking out of the store. The woman never called for help for the man, and used the man's credit card shortly after the theft. 

The woman has a tattoo on her right arm. Employees at the the 7-Eleven told KSTU that the woman is a regular customer but haven't seen her since the theft.