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Model cites Kaepernick's treatment as reason for leaking video of Dolphins coach

Posted at 9:48 AM, Oct 11, 2017

The woman who released a video that led to an NFL coach's resignation spoke out in an interview with Las Vegas-based KTNV. 

Kijuana Nig'e says former Miami Dolphins assistant coach Chris Foerster sent her a video that shows him snorting a white powder through a bill.

Nig'e says she dated Foerster for about two months.


"He liked to party," Nig'e said. "He's a partier. That's what he enjoys to do."

She says he sent her the video last week, then the pair broke up.

Shortly after, she says she leaked the incriminating video to expose inequalities in the league, specifically how Colin Kaepernick has been treated for kneeling during the national anthem.

"It's kind of like a white privilege if you want to be honest about it," Nig'e said. "One person gets in trouble over an anthem when you have a coach who probably can't even sing along because he's so high."

Furthermore, Nig'e said she believes if Foerster were black, he would've been fired instead of being allowed to resign.

Foerster said in a resignation statement Monday he accepts full responsibility for his actions and wants to focus on getting help.

Earlier Monday, the Dolphins said the organization had no tolerance for Foerster's behavior.

"I want him to get help," Nig'e said. "I want him to go to rehab. I want him to get back to who he's supposed to be. It's not about him getting fired or anything like that."

She says she has more pictures and videos of Foerster with other women and drugs that she plans to release to the public as well.