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Your Amazon Key questions answered

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Amazon just rolled out a new at home delivery system. It’s called Amazon Key. Instead of delivering your package outside your door, they deliver inside your house.

The service is only available to Amazon Prime members. You’ll need to purchase the key pad and the camera that will both be installed in your house. Once the system is setup, the indoor deliveries can begin.

Here’s how it works. Amazon authorizes the delivery by turning on the cloud and unlocks your door. Then you get a confirmation that your package was safely delivered. Finally, you can watch the delivery live or view a video clip of it after.

Just like you, we have lots of questions regarding safety. Like, what happens if you have a pet? Amazon says, they do not recommend using the in-home delivery system if your pet can get to the front door on delivery day.

What happens if you have a child at home alone? Amazon says, the driver will always knock on the door before using the access code to open the front door and drop off the package. They do offer the ability to press ‘block access’ and the deliverer will simply use standard drop off practice by leaving the package outside.

The biggest question consumers are wondering, is who are these people who have access to our homes? Amazon says, they are the same delivery drivers who usually drop off your packages. They reassure customers all drivers are carefully vetted.

We reached out to Amazon for comment and they referred us back to their website for additional information.