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District 7 voters demand attention on a number of issues including guns, transportation and jobs

Posted at 11:04 PM, Apr 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-25 23:04:41-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- As the May Primary draws near, Andre Carson is fighting to convince voters that he should keep his seat in the House, but he's got quite the competition in District 7. 

Voters chose Carson to finish the term of his grandmother, Julia Carson, who died in 2007. He's held the District 7 seat since 2008. 

More than 10 candidates are now vying for that seat. 

District 7 may look small on the map, but it covers one of the nation's most densely-populated areas - downtown Indianapolis - and it also includes Center Township, Speedway and parts of Lawrence and southern Marion County. 

With more than 600,000 potential voters, people living in District 7 are demanding attention to a wide range of issues, including gun legislation, accessible health care, mass transit and care for the elderly. 

"I think transit is the biggest one. they're going to be building the Red Line through here and that's a great start, but we need more of it," said Allan Lasser. "I think people who rely on the bus network probably don't have the attention of lawmakers right now."

With companies like Carrier and Rexnord using foreign labor and shipping out jobs, voters like Eugene Napier say we need representatives who will hone their energies on helping Hoosiers land a job and earn a paycheck. 

"They've let all our good jobs go. And the younger kids have not got anything to work at. They go to college and get a college education and still don't make but 12 to 14 dollars an hour," said Napier. 

Then there's jobs and education - as well as gun legislation. 

Gun control and ownership could be a big issue in District 7 with more than 108,000 people in Marion County carrying gun licenses, according to Indiana State Police. 

And voters like Kassaundra Kibbey who are worried about healthcare issues such as making medicines and services more accessible to the low income and elderly. 

"I currently take care of my mother," said Kibbey. "She's been epileptic since 1990, and they will not give her any insurance because they said my dad makes too much money."

Democrat candidates for District 7 include:

  • Andre Carson
  • Curtis D. Godfrey
  • Bob Kern
  • Pierre Quincy Pullins
  • Sue Spicer

Republican candidates for District 7 include:

  • J. Jason Davis
  • Donald Eason Junior
  • Wayne Gunny Harmon
  • J.D. Minear
  • Tony "Big Dog" Van Pelt

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