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Gaza protests on Indiana University's campus leads to the arrest of over 30 people

Posted at 9:26 PM, Apr 25, 2024

BLOOMINGTON — Over 30 protestors who were calling for a ceasefire in Gaza at Indiana University were arrested on Thursday evening.

Indiana State Police troopers and officers with the Indiana University Police Department responded to Dunn Meadow Park at 11 a.m. to monitor a protest calling for a ceasefire in Gaza amid ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.


IUPD says protestors had put up tents and canopies as part of the protest, which is something that violates IU’s policy.

According to IUPD, the protestors were told “multiple times” that they were violating school policies. Officers told the students they could continue to protest if they took the structures down.

After the protestors allegedly refused to take down the tents and canopies, they were asked to leave by IUPD. Shortly after, the individuals who did not comply with the request were arrested.

Gaza IU protest

Officials with Indiana University confirmed 33 people were apprehended and transported to the Monroe County Justice Center.

Some who saw it all happen are upset with the police.

“Bring in the National Guard with assault weapons on a bunch of peaceful students. That’s just unbelievable,” Mark Haggerty, IU alumnus and Bloomington resident, said.

Others are mad at the protestors.

IU gaza protest scene

“Standing here and making it look like the university is against them is the highest form of hypocrisy,” Pastor Jason Chen, with the Chinese Reform Church of Bloomington, said.

The university released the following statement regarding the incident:

Indiana University Bloomington is a campus where we encourage and respect free speech and open dialogue. To ensure the safety and security of the IU community and to avoid disruption of university operations, expressive activity must be conducted in accordance with university free speech and events policies. This includes the enforcement of policies that require advanced approval for the installation of temporary structures.