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GOP leaders call for "prudent" expansion of state's preschool pilot program

Posted at 10:52 PM, Nov 21, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Legislators are looking to expand the state’s publicly funded pre-school pilot program to more children in Indiana.

That’s one of many topics lawmakers will tackle when the general assembly returns in January to kick off their 2017 Legislative Session.  

The big factor Republican leaders are looking at when it comes to the state funded program is the cost.

They’re calling for a ‘cautious’ approach while democrats argue that the sooner state-funded pre-K is offered to all children, the better.

Several hundred children are currently enrolled in the state’s preschool pilot program in five different counties, including Marion County.

A family of four that makes less than $30,290 per year would qualify for the program.

Parents like James Waanders say preschool is expensive, but it’s important for his child to have that early education.

“She’s learning Hebrew, she’s socializing, it’s a lot better than her just being at daycare. A lot more kids, a lot more structure,” said Waanders.

The general assembly will return for organization day on Tuesday to kick off the 2017 Legislative Session.