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Gov. Holcomb signs 91 bills into law on Thursday

Holcomb signs bill
Posted at 6:37 PM, May 04, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS — Governor Eric Holcomb signed 91 bills on Thursday, bringing this legislation session’s total to 252.

Among the bills signed were several that WRTV has followed closely, including:

House Bill 1608

House Bill 1608 prohibits teachers from instruction on sexuality and gender for K-3 students in schools.

The bill also requires teachers to notify parents if a child comes out as transgender.

The bill originally stated that teachers would not be required to call children by a preferred pronoun or gender if it went against their religious beliefs, regardless of a parent's request.

The senate amended the legislation in early April, eliminating the protection of teachers who choose not to refer to a student by their preferred name or pronoun.

Senate Bill 283

Senate Bill 283 gives about $8 million more a year to go towards fixing the city’s roads.

A funding formula did not county close to 200,000 Marion County residents as part of the population, so their tax gas dollars were going towards other parts of the state. SB 280 fixes that.

The bill also stipulates that the city must match the extra funding and that those dollars must be used to fix the roads. This equals out to about $16 million more a year.

House Bill 1354

House Bill 1354 states that only dogs or miniature horses qualify as service animals.

House Bill 1006

House Bill 1006 specifies the circumstances in which a person can be involuntarily committed to a mental heath facility.

It also establishes a local mental health referral program to provide treatment for those who have been arrested.

View the full list of laws Holcomb signed in 2023 here.