Indiana attorney general attempts to bar some testimony against him in disciplinary hearing

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Posted at 2:36 PM, Oct 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-16 15:30:14-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is trying to block two women from testifying about sexual misconduct allegations at a disciplinary hearing on a different charge.

The state's disciplinary commission has requested that the two women testify about Hill's actions when he was the Elkhart County Prosecutor, before he became the attorney general in 2017.

But Hill's lawyers have filed a motion to bar the women from testifying, saying their testimony on those specific allegations is not related to the disciplinary hearing allegations.

A pre-hearing brief filed ahead of Hill's disciplinary hearing details the events on March 15, 2018, before and after Hill arrived at AJ's Lounge.

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In that briefing, Hill's attorney claims the Attorney General had not eaten very much that day but had a glass of wine and appetizers at the Capital Grill, two glasses of wine at the 1933 Lounge and then a vodka martini and a shot of Fireball after he arrived at AJ's Lounge after midnight.

It also goes on to detail what the women accusing hill of sexual misconduct claim they had to drink that night and it details the specific interactions with each of the women and an explanation from Hill's point of view about why each of the interactions were misinterpreted.

After the detailed explanation of each interaction, Hill's attorney goes on call it "unprecedented" that the Disciplinary Commission pursue charges on a lawyer with a violation of Rule of Professional Conduct after the prosecutor's investigation found no sufficient evidence to warrant filing criminal charges.

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