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Dems say Cruz is victim of 'Mike Pence Effect'

Posted at 7:32 PM, May 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-03 23:47:24-04

Indiana Democrats were quick to tie Sen. Ted Cruz's loss in Tuesday's primary to the political fate of another Republican – Gov. Mike Pence.

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Pence endorsed Cruz after meeting with all three remaining Republican presidential hopefuls.

He hedged his endorsement, though, saying he would vote for whoever the eventual Republican nominee was.

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Shortly after Cruz was projected to lose to rival Donald Trump, Indiana Democrats released a statement calling Cruz the "latest victim of the Mike Pence Effect." Cruz went on to suspend his campaign for president following the projected loss.

Washington Post political reporter Chris Cillizza also noted Cruz's loss didn't do anything to help Pence's re-election efforts. 

Read the full statement from Indiana Democratic Party Communications Director Drew Anderson below:

"Like Indiana’s economy and national reputation, Republican Presidential Candidate Senator Ted Cruz tonight became the latest victim of Governor Mike Pence’s deep unpopularity with Hoosier voters.

Hoosier Republicans rejected Ted Cruz this evening and in the process, rejected Mike Pence. The fact that a majority of Republican voters found the candidate their own Governor endorsed too out of touch speaks volumes about how unpopular Mike Pence has become with Hoosiers across the state. It’s no secret Mike Pence and Ted Cruz are two peas in a pod with their socialagendaas they have driven away economic opportunities and scared off young Hoosiers and moderates of their own party. The fact is, though, Mike Pence is simply not getting the job done, and it’s why Hoosiers are coalescing around John Gregg and his common sense ideas to move Indiana forward.

Cruz earlier this primary considered Indiana a ‘must-win’ state and tied his fortunes to Mike Pence – another politician that prioritizes a social agenda ahead of the state’s well-being. And after what was labeled a ‘lame’ endorsement by some in the national media, Mike Pence still traveled the state with Cruz and even appeared in radio and television commercials on his behalf. This effort all fell short as Donald Trump won Indiana’s Republican Primary this evening.

So overall, it appears that Mike Pence just shot another air ball as Indiana’s governor."