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Local immigration attorney tries to calm deportation fears

Posted at 10:21 PM, Nov 10, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS – A local immigration attorney is trying to calm fears of people worried about deportation after Donald Trump won the presidential election Tuesday night.

Paul Gresk also has a radio show on 107.1 FM four days a week, where he discusses issues that affect the Latino community. Since the election, calls have been coming in non-stop from those worried about deportation and Gresk is trying to allay some of those fears.   

“There will not be a wall,” said Gresk. “What is possible and what is not possible. Mass deportation is not possible. It would take three years for a case to be heard in Chicago. There is a backlog nationally of immigration of about three years, about 350,000 cases.”

Gresk said if undocumented workers get caught today it could be 2020 before there would even be a hearing. “There could be a new president by then.”