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State lawmakers say increases to gas, diesel fuel taxes likely

Posted at 7:26 PM, Nov 21, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- State lawmakers say increases in gas and diesel fuel taxes are likely in the coming year as they look for a long-term plan for fixing the state's roads and bridges.

Legislative leaders in the house and senate outlined their priorities at the Indiana chambers annual legislative preview on Monday.

It's something both Indiana Democrats and Republicans can agree on - the state's roads and bridges need help. 

And drivers will likely be the ones who are paying for those repairs.

Indiana Department of Transportation says that increase could bring in about $250 million more a year to fund road and bridge repair projects.

Both party leaders in the senate agree that the gas tax needs to be indexed - or increased based on inflation.

The legislative session begins in January. Lawmakers will spend their time focused on crafting the state budget for 2017.